My name is Steve Downes, born in London but have spent most of my life living in Norwich, Norfolk. I have been happily married to my wife Tracey for over 30 years. We have two grown up children. 

I am not an expert and all information on this site is gained from my own experiences and mis-haps. Everything on this site is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me god!!!!!!!!!!

My hobby is birdkeeping and me and my family work hard keeping the birds in a healthy enviroment and keep them in peak condition. My family have always been keen birdkeepers from my Granfather, Father, Brother & Sister. My aim in birdkeeping is to help breed endangered and vulnerable species and hopefully help keep a collection of birds that are slowly disappearing from aviculture in the United Kingdom. I get great pleasure out of breeding endangered species that are normally killed because they are a pest to crops or even a food source in some countries and also captured in numbers for the bird trade. Also a loss of natural habitat in most Countries has seen a reduction in the number of certain species. The Rain Forest is getting smaller every day. Breeding birds and keeping thier numbers alive gives you a great deal of satifaction. Especially knowing that in the wild they are in danger from man but in aviculture they are a mans best friend.

I am a member of the Norfolk Foreign Bird Association and the Java Sparrow Society UK and I am also a member of the North Walsham AS and the Foreign Bird League. It is within these clubs that I have made many friends in Birdkeeping. I am hoping to show my bird at local shows in Norfolk this year, in support of the local Clubs and Societies. I enjoy entering my birds in the UK National Bird Show held in October every year at the Staffordshire County Showground. Although I do very well in the National each year I am still waiting for the Best in Show - the ultermite prize. I have this year joined the IOM-COM which allow me to enter World Shows around the globe, I am hoping in three seasons time my birds will be ready for the world stage. Birdkeeping is a fantastic hobby that brings me lots of pleasure and enjoyment. I can highly recommend birdkeeping as a healthy, peaceful, enjoyable and satisfying hobby.

Occasionally I do have birds for sale. I also like to pass on my experiences in Birdkeeping and share them with you. If you would like more information please email me:   downess999@hotmail.com


My Wife Tracey with David Attenbrough at his book launch. he is very genuine and a great man who's TV documentary, "LIFE OF BIRDS" is absolutely fantastic!  

My Wife Tracey with Bill Oddie at the Pensthorpe Reserve in Fakenham.

 The day Cage & Aviary Birds came to Town!

Ron Toft journalist and photographer from Winchester visit for Cage & Aviary article. Aug 2010.

Me and Tracey in Cuba 2008 

 Saturday 21st November 2009. The rehoming of 80 birds from the avairies at HMP Wayland in Norfolk. Myself and my wife Tracey along with Carol Venables from the SCA had the task of catching and rehoming 80 birds from Wayland Prison.      


Valerio Schembri (President of Exotic Finch Association, Malta), Myself- Steve Downes, Eugeen De Troyer ( Belgium COM Judge).

Charlon Ellul (Secretary of Exotic Finch Association, Malta), Myself Steve- Downes, Raymond Buttigieg (Java Sparrow Breeder from Malta).

Sunday 19th July 2015 Me with Adrian Walls the Bird Manager at London Zoo ZSL. I had an excellent behind the scenes tour of all the bird enclosure. Penguin Beach, The Bird Safari, Tropical Bird House, Blackburn Pavillion, it was a great day out and Adrian kept me entertained with his humour. I learn't so much today, it was a great experience.

My Wife Tracey at the Pensthorpe Wildlife Centre near Fakenham, Norfolk.


Myself and Kevin Mallia at his wonderful Malta Bird Park. Kevin was once a hobbyist bird keeper, keeping them in his back garden before putting his life savings into his dream the Malta Bird Park. It's a great place and Kevin is a very knowledgeable man. Kevin runs the bird park with his partner Rita.  July 2013.


You can contact me on: downess999@hotmail.com / Mobile number: 07876298321




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