All photographs below on this page are by Ron Toff and you will need his permission to use them. 

My aviaries in August 2010. 

A pair of pure white zebra Finches and a Diamond Dove. 

Gouldian 2009 Cock bird and a 2010 Bengalese Finch. 

Young 2010 Karariki parakeet.

Pure white Java Sparrow Hen sitting on a nest of chicks.


A pair of Fife Canaries. Cock is a blue/grey and Hen is pure white.

Gloster Canary 2009 bred.

2009 Diamond Dove. 

2010 Young hen kakariki. Split buttercup. 

Gouldian Finch Cock bird. 

Steve & tracey Downes outside one of their flights. Aug 2010. Below

 is inside our birdroom.
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