Below is a pair of Cream Java Sparrow

 Below is a picture from one of my aviaries. You can see plenty of Gouldian Finches, Chestnut Breasted Finch, Indian Silverbills, Hecks Grassfinches, Parson Finches, Fife Fancy Canaries and in the background plenty of Java Sparrows and  Kakariki.

 Below is a young Zebra Finch first day out of  the nest. Beautiful little thing.

July 2008.

 Below is my One-day old Chinese Painted Quail chick. Look how tiny the chicks are. They are wonderful little birds. October 2008.

 Below are two of my Chinese Painted Quail chicks that have just hatched in my incubator. October 2008.
 BELOW: What a shame, three dishes of infertile eggs from my birdroom, all 2008. On the left Java Sparrows, In the middle African Cutthroats, On the right Spice Birds.


Above are Java Sparrow Chicks 7-10 days old.

Below is a Java Sparrow chick 7-10 days old.




The same Java Chicks now 14-17 days old. Look how they are feathering up nicely. They are very tightly sqeezed into the nestbox so maybe I will get bigger boxes for next season? 

This 14-17 days old Java Chick is already showing the white on it's wing feathers. 

The same Java Sparrows now aged between 21 - 24 days old. They do look very crammed-in the nestbox but they are all fit and healthy.

One from the same nestbox. 21-24 days old. He is sitting very calmly in my palm. It will not be long before he leaves the nest. 

February 09, Indian Silverbills two days after fledging the nest. 

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