Above is BREEDMAX which is produced by Oystershell in Belgium. This is a great supplement for my birds. I mix this into my dry eggfood. The birds will willingly take this.


United Kingdom National 2016 (Staffordshire Showground)

Best Adult Pied Java Sparrow

Best Adult Cream Java Sparrow

Best Adult Agate Java Sparrow

Best Agate Current Year Owner bred Java Sparrow

Untied Kingdom National 2015 (Staffordshire Showground)

Best AdultPied Java Sparrow

Best Adult Cream Java Sparrow

Best Adult Opal Isabel Java Sparrow

Best Adult Agate Java Sparrow

Best Current Year Owner Bred Agate Java Sparrow

United Kingdom National 2014 (Staffordshire Showground)

Best Cream Java Sparrow

Best Adult Cream Java Sparrow

Best Current Year Owner Bred Java Sparrow

Best Agate Java Sparrow

Best Adult Agate Java Sparrow

Best Current Year owner Bred Java Sparrow

Norfolk Foreign Bird Association Open Show 2013

Below is my White Java Sparrow which won "Best in the show - Java Sparrow"

The same Java Sparrow also won best  "Currant Year Owner Bred - Java Sparrow"

I also won Best Any other Colour Java.

Best Adult Cream Java Sparrow.

Best CYOB Normal Java Sparrow.

Best CYOB Silver Java Sparrow.

Best CYOB Cream Java Sparrow.


This was a great achievement for me because I had plenty of strong opposition in B & J Rudling, David Brown, Chris Allaway & D.Barber all of whom are very good breeders and showmen.

The only other bird I entered at the above show was a lovely Australian Gouldian Finch (Cock bird) Black headed, Purple breasted. He was straight out of the Aviary with no show cage training. I took a chance because he is a very steady bird and perches very well in the aviary. To my surprise he came first in his section. Although only seven birds were entered in this section it was the quality of the breeders present. Some of the top breeders of Australian Finches around and my Gouldian took first place. He is a nice big bird  with perfect markings as you can see from the photograph below.



1. CHICKS Make sure you have enough space for your youngsters. Four pairs of birds could easily end up fifty birds at the end of the season (especially if you keep Zebra Finches LOL). Make sure your flights and breeding cages can deal with the extra birds.

2. CALCIUM: purchase from any pet store. I now use Quiko Calcium Liquid solution. You can dilute this fluid (3mm of solution X 2 Litres of Water) for your birds.

3. BREEDING CAGES: place them as high as possible. Sitting on your hands and kneess cleaning out the bottom cages is no fun.

4. TREAT’S: Give your birds treat’s twice a day. Once in the morning and again in the evening. They soon get use to this and often take them from your hands. I give mine dandelion, long grass, fruit and they love it! I also add Multi vatamins and also Spirunlina to the eggfood which helps keep the birds fit and also helps the chicks keep healthy and helps them through the moult and quickens the colourings of your birds.

5. BIRDROOM: When building your bird room or aviary, build the base two feet wider than the bird room. This allows you space for daily inspection around your aviary and vermin don’t like it especially if your bird room sit’s on concrete blocks or posts. Also mix glass in with the hardcore used for concreting the base, vermin hate that as well.

6. LINO: is excellent flooring for your bird room. It’s easy to keep clean and is washable. Highly recommended.

7. FOOD POTS & DRINKERS: always have twice as many as you need. They become life savers when it’s cleaning time. They also clean up well in the dishwasher (but don’t tell my Wife).

8. Always quarantine new birds and keep them away from your stock (preferably in a different room or shed). After a while and if you are sure they are all fit and healthy you can place them with the other.

9. WINTER COVERING FOR YOUR AVIARY: I use clear damp proof course plastic sheets. Very cheap to buy. They staple easily to your aviary and once erected gives plenty of light and also helps keep the flights warm during the cold winter months. B & Q sells them at a reasonable price.

10. JOIN YOUR LOCAL CLUB: you learn so much from other members by joining a bird club. Birdkeepers are always willing to share their experiences with you. They tell you about the mistakes they have made which save you from making them.

Below is a new Multi Vitamin that I am using for my birds. I mix this in the eggfood and also dust my dry mini mealworms with this supplement.

Below is the best Normal Adult Java which i won at the same show as above. 

 Below are both my Javas together!

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